Why become a Freemason?

A selection of comments from existing Freemasons explaining why they became a Freemason. Why not find out how to become a Freemason yourself?

Freemason - Richard Wootton

Richard, Web Designer

“I was initially intrigued, now I’m meeting some great people, making friends and broadening my horizons ”

Colin, Retired Headteacher

“A real sense of purpose, strong bonds of friendship and helping others, locally, nationally and globally”

Andy, Train Engineer

“Great companionship and making friends for life”

James, Construction Site Manager

“A sense of belonging, becoming a better person and gaining self-belief”

Clive, Bricklayer

“Fantastic social side, meeting people from all walks of life and improving my self-confidence”

Ken, Retired Transport Manager

“Comradeship, working together and helping others in need”